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Automatic belt conveyor control station
Nominal supply voltage, kV
Power of connected motors, KW
Voltage of connected motors, kV
Number of connected motors
Climatic performance according to GOST 15150-69


Parameter Value
1 Nominal station capacity, KVA up to 10000
2 Rated voltage of connected electric conveyor driving motor, kW up to 10
3 Nominal supply voltage of the station, kV up to 10
4 Frequency of supplied voltage,Hz 50
5 Permissible voltage difference between phases, not more than, % 2
6 Torque control range on motor shaft of the conveyor drive, % 0..100
7 Adjustment spin-rate control of motor shaft for conveyor drive, % 0..100
8 Overload capacity of the frequency drive, % within 1 min 150
9 Voltage of control and alarm circuits, V 24 / 127 / 220
10 Voltage of lighting circuits and heating of the station, V 220
11 Voltage of air conditioning system, V 220/З80
12 Marking of explosion protection [Ех ia ар is] l Х
13 Ambient temperature range -60..+40
14 Ingress protection according to GOST 14254-96 IP21
15 Total service life 15


The station is intended for stepless variable electric regulation of speed and torque of the single or dual motor drive of the belt conveyor and supply of voltage to all auxiliary devices of the conveyor. Conveyor can be located in underground mine workings (gaseous and pulverized coal hazardous), and not dangerous in relation to the explosion of gas, steam or pulverized coal, on surface of mines, strip mines, quarries and pits. The station is the associated electric equipment, it bears explosion protection marking [Ex ia op is] | X and it can be installed on surface of mines or pits beyond the explosion hazard zones. The spark-safe outlet electrical circuits and fiber optic transmission system circuits outgoing from the station can be connected to spark-safe electrical circuits and fiber optic transmission system circuits laid in the underground mines and pits.

The station performs the following basic functions:

  • Control and speed control to 0.100% and torque 0.100% of connected electric motors of belt conveyor drives from the rated values;
  • electric motor protection (conveyor drive and additional equipment) and their supply cables from short-circuit currents, overload, overheating and phase loss, rollover and failed start-up, as well as zero protection;
  • protection of electric motors of conveyor drive and their supply cables from voltage at reduced insulation resistance relative to the ground;
  • total break time of the short circuit protection of no more than 0.2 sec;
  • protection of outgoing electric network against the ground current leakage;
  • short circuit protection of automatic switches;
  • automatic control of operation mode of asynchronous motors of the conveyor drives by commands to turn on or off from the control conveyor line system;
  • diagnostic of internal and external circuits;
  • visualization and diagnostics of state of control, monitoring and protection of equipment;
  • data transmission regarding operation of the station and controlling electric motors via Ethernet through the fibre-optic communication line;
  • data transmission via spark-safe interface RS-485, Modbus protocol.