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Explosion-proof factory assembled switch gear
Rated voltage, kV
Cabinet execution code
Rated current, A
Designation indexes attachedto the cabinet (according to table)
Climatic design


Parameter Value
1 Rated voltage of main circuits, kV 6 10
2 Maximum voltage of main circuits, kV 7,2 12
3 Rated voltage of auxiliary circuits, V 36, 127, 220
4 Rated current, A 0..630
5 Supply frequency, Hz 50
6 Limit short-time thermal current (3 s), kA 20
7 Short time electro-dynamic current (peak value), kA 25
8 Maximum through short circuit current, kA 51
9 Rated breaking current, kA 20
10 Tripping power, MVA 100
11 Mechanical durability, “activation-deactivation” cycles
12 - switches 50000
13 - disconnector 2000
14 electrical endurance of breaker contacts, “activation-deactivation” cycles 50000
15 Permissible number of fault clearings (without inspection and repair), at shutdown power of 100 MVA 10
16 Own switch-on time, ms, not more than 27
17 Total breaking time, sec, not more than 0.12
18 Minimum clearances, mm 100
19 Protection level of jacket according to GOST 14254, not lower than IP 54
20 Upper operating ambient air temperature value, °C +35
21 Lower operating ambient air temperature value, °C -10
22 Weight, kg, no more than 970
23 Overall dimensions, mm, not more(length, width, depth) 1400 х 890 х 1275


The EPFASG device is intended for reception and distribution of 6 (10) kV power, frequency 50 Hz, and also protection of networks with isolated neutral and control of underground current collectors of coal mines (gas and/or dust hazardous). The device is made with intrinsically safe remote control circuits, it has an explosion-proof design and bear protection marking PB Exd[ia]ia I. The shell structure provides ingress Ip54 protection according to GOST 14254-96.

The design of the FASG is unique and has no analogs. FASGs for 6 and 10 kV do not differ in overall dimensions. All the main electronic components are located on pull out module and door of the FASG that makes it more convenient and quick to perform preventive and repair work.

It provides:

  • Mechanical and electrical locking;
  • operational local and remote control of distribution device;
  • display of operation parameters;
  • grounding the outgoing connection;
  • electrical protections* (27, 50, 59, 79, etc.);
  • possibility to connect additional protections;
  • assembly of RP with performance of ACB, LZHAR functions;
  • alarm for protection operation;
  • connection of two input and output cables;
  • transfer via RS-485 interface, Modbus protocol;
  • technical power recording;
  • password protection against unauthorized access;
  • logs of emergency events and parameter changes.

Reliability indicators:

  • Average time between failures - not less than 8000 h;
  • established resource before first major overhaul - not less than 65000 h;
  • average total service life - not less than 15 years:
  • mean recovery time - no more than 2 hours.