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Explosion-proof soft starter
Number of connected motors, pcs
Maximum power of connected motors, KW
Operating voltage, V (if switching note in brackets)
Climatic option according to GOST 15150-69


Parameter EPSS-2-315/380(660) EPSS-2-315/660(1140)
1 Number of supply mains phases 3
2 Supply frequency, Hz 50
3 Rated voltage of supply system, V 380 / 660 660 / 1140
4 Rated power of connected motor, KW 2 х 315
5 Rated current of one starter connection, A 477 / 276 276 / 159
6 Maximum permissible multiplicity of starting current 4
7 Time range of the output voltage regulation, s 0..120
8 Start-up rate per hour 6
9 Mechanical wear resistance of disconnector for VO cycles 6300
10 Insulation resistance of supply circuits, M 10
11 Voltage of control and alarm circuits, V 24
12 Marking of explosion protection РВ Exd ia l
13 Protection jacket level IP 54
14 Full specified lifetime, years 10
15 Overall dimensions, mm, not more(length, width, depth) 1678 х 1080 х 1160
16 Weight,kg, no more than 1800


EPSS is intended for application in three-phase electrical AC mains of industrial frequency with the isolated neutral of transformer in the coal mines, gas (methane) and/or and pulverized coal hazardous, for remote smooth start and stop of three-phase asynchronous electric motors, and also for protection against their overload and short-circuit currents in outgoing power circuits.

EPSS performs the following functions:

  • Provision of contact-less start-up and dynamic braking of three-phase electric motors by phase voltage regulation;
  • reduced starting current and shock torque to reduce the amplitude of voltage of the supply system at start-up;
  • possibility to start pumps, fans, conveyors and other equipment;
  • digital control system containing three term current controller that maintains the stator current of electric motor in process of starting and stopping the engine at the specified level;
  • regulating system of starting sequence from OOS using information on stator current of the electric motor obtained from sensors of phase current of the device and other sensors of control of UPP;
  • programming of control parameters;
  • possibility to set the desired current or voltage curve at start-up;
  • algorithm of smooth stop allowing to exclude harmful dynamic effects of drive mechanisms at a stop (for example, hydraulic impacts in pump units);
  • control of switching device in local, remote and distance control mode;
  • electrical protections (27, 50, 59, 79, etc.);
  • protection against checksum error / parameters data that are held in EEPROM;
  • Self-diagnosis during power supply and monitoring of connection status during operation;
  • measurement of electricity parameters at connection point;
  • control of serviceability of remote control circuits of switching device (SD);
  • control of switching quantity of SD;
  • control of connection operating time;
  • monitoring the performanceof protection channels;
  • control of start-up time and s tarting current of connection;
  • protection against absence of all three signals from network phase control unit;
  • protection against absence of corresponding phase signal from the network phase control unit;
  • protection against the lack of engine output at rated speed during the start-up characteristics;
  • protection against failure in synchronization of control unit of the network phase;
  • over-temperature protection of thyristors;
  • display of connection status information on display unit;
  • ommunication with remote control device via RS-485 interface via Modbus RTU protocol;
  • protocols registration: activation/disconnection, changing settings, self-diagnosis and power consumption.