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Frequency converter of conveyor winch
Power of frequency converter, kW
Supply voltage, V
Climatic option according to GOST 15150-69


Parameter Value
Electrical system parameters
1 Number of phases of supply mains 3 з
2 Rated voltage of supply system, V 690
3 Supply frequency, Hz 50
4 Nominal motor rating of tension winch, kW 55 /75 / 90
5 Nominal capacity of motor for winch pump, not more, KW. 0,75
6 Nominal forced blowing fan motor power, not more, kW 0,75
7 Power of auxiliary power consumer, not more, KW 5
Parameters of frequency converter
1 Frequency range of output voltage, Hz 0..300
2 Adjustable output voltage (90 to 105% of rated voltage), V 620..720
3 Control method DTC
4 Motor torque control time, not more, ms 5
5 Setting time of operating mode for tension winch, not more, min 2
6 Cooling method воздушный
7 Cooling fan capacity, m3/h 4х156
Общие параметры
1 Overall dimensions, mm, not more(length, width, depth) 1200 х 1340 х 860
2 Weight, kg, no more than 1350


Frequency converter of conveyor winch of FCCW type is designed for automatic regulation and retention within the prescribed limits of tension of the conveyor belt the measurement of which is made by meansof strain gage transducer. FCCW controls electric actuator of tension winch in accordance with indications of strain gage transducer reading; it may be used in networks with voltage 690 V and frequency 50 Hz at coal mining enterprises (gas and/or dust hazardous). The device is made with spark- safe remote control circuits, it has an explosion-proof design and protection marking PB Exd[ialia |. The shell structure provides ingress IP54 protection according to GOST 14254-96.

FCCW frequency converter allows extending life span of the conveyor belt by maintaining the continuous tensioning of its cloth (depending on loading thereof).

It provides:

  • Local, remote and automatic control of tension winch;
  • control and automatic maintenance of conveyor belt tension force within the specified limits;
  • control mode;
  • unwinding mode;
  • steady-state mode i.e. locking of motor shaft by braking device of the winch;
  • mechanical and electrical locking;
  • electrical protections (27,50, 59, 79, etc.);
  • data transfer via the RS-485
  • interface, Modbus protocol;
  • logs of the emergency events.

Reliability indicators:

  • Average time between failures - not less than 8000 h;
  • established resource before first major overhaul - not less than 65000 h;
  • average total service life - not less than 15 years;
  • mean recovery time - no more than 2 hours.

Operating conditions:

  • Ambient air temperature -10...+35°C;
  • relative air humidity up to 100% at temperature +35°C;
  • absence of sharp jerks and shocks;
  • dust content in ambient air is not more than 1000 mg/m3;
  • working position in space is horizontal, deviation from the working position up to 15 degrees in any direction is allowed.