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Parameter Value
1 Number of supply mains phases 3
2 Rated voltage of supply system, V 400 / 690
3 Rated frequency, Hz 50
4 Rated current of entrance switching device, A 125
5 Rated interrupting capacity of entrance switching device, kA 50 (400 В) / 5 (690 В)
6 Data transmitter/receiver interface RS-485 ВОЛС
7 Number of power terminals (reversible and non-reversible, total) up to 9
8 Powerof connected motors, not more, KW 15 (400 В)/ 18,5 (690 В)
9 Rated operation voltage of switching devices, kV 400 (690) В
10 Supply frequency, Hz 40..60
11 Rated impulse with standing voltage of switching devices, kV 6
12 Breaking capacity of switching devices, kA 50 (400 В) / 4 (690 В)
13 Protection settings for S.C.,A 7,8 / 18,2 / 65 / 156 / 234 / 416
14 Protection setting range for thermal overload, A 0,15..32
15 Protection setting range for overload current, A 2,13..454,4
16 Mechanical wear resistance (in mln. operating cycles) 15
17 Maximum switching frequency(in switching cycles per hour) 3600
18 Numberof input signals (discrete and analogue) * on request
19 Number of output discrete signals * on request
20 Full specified lifetime of the product, years 10
21 Overall dimensions (width, height, depth), mm 1550 х 869 х 402
22 Weight, kg, no more than 420


PCUAD device is designed for power supply and remote control over the electric drives of underground workings (gas and/or pulverized coal hazardous).

The product is made in the explosion-proof enclosure with spark-safe circuits for sensors connecting, as well as with control and alarm circuits. The product corresponds to type of explosion protection PB Ex d [ia op isjia |, protection level is IP54. The product is designed for operation in three-phase networks with isolated neutral voltage 660 or 380 V.

The electrical schematic diagram of PCUAD device (number of power terminals and spark-safe control channels switching devices) is determined individually according to customer request. PCUAD device can be programmed for performing technological process (control of the auxiliary conveyor equipment, control of the auxiliary pumping equipment, etc.)

It provides:

  • Connection of up to nine asynchronous motors;
  • arrangement of communication with top-level APCS;
  • arrangement of communication with the security system, operational local and remote control;
  • mechanical and electrical locking;
  • electrical protection;
  • possibility to connect additional protection systems;
  • alarm for any protection operation;
  • data transfer via the RS-485 interface, Modbus protocol, or via fiber-optic communication line Ethernet Protocol;
  • logs of emergency events and parameter changes.

Operating conditions:

  • Average time between failures - not less than 8000 h;
  • established resource before first major overhaul - not less than 65000 h;
  • average total service life - not less than 10 years;
  • mean recovery time - no more than 2 hours;

Reliability indicators:

  • Ambient air temperature -10..+35°C;
  • relative air humidity up to 100% at temperature +35°C;
  • absence of sharp jerks and shocks;
  • dust content in ambient air not exceeding 1000 mg/m3;
  • working position in space is horizontal, deviation from working position up to 15 degrees in any direction is allowed.