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Block-module air-heating radiator of the ventilation installation of BMAHVI - 6/0.4/0.69-4x1500 UHL4 type

Block-module air-heating radiator of the ventilation installation of BMAHVI - 6/0.4/0.69-4x1500 UHL4 type


 Блок стилей "STYLE"
Parameter Value
1 Rated mains voltage, kV 6
2 Rated operation voltage, kV 7,2
3 Rated supply frequency, Hz 50
4 Rated current of main circuits, A 1250
5 Capacity of power transformers, kWA 4 х 1600 / 2 х 630 / 2 х 160
6 Numberof HV cells, pcs. 18
7 Number of modules/ buildings, pcs. 5 / 7
8 Powerof connected fan motors, kW 2 х 400, two steps
9 Ventilation modules forced
10 Auxiliary systems Lighting: emergency, working LED, street LED;
OPS "VERS" system; air conditioning; heated;
remote control
11 Terms of service unilateral
12 Type of connections cable
13 Protection level of jacket according to GOST 14254 IP 20
14 Climatic options according to GOST 15150 UHL
15 Ambient temperature, °C from -50 to +40
16 Relative air humidity at temperature of + 25 °C,%, not more than 98
17 Height above sea level, m up to 1000
18 Cell weight (approximate), kg 600
19 Overall dimensions* (W x D x H), mm 14628 х 8496 х 2983


Block modular electric air heater unit was developed in accordance with technical assignment of JSC "SUEK-Kuzbass"issued for “Mine named after A. D. Ruban" in 2015. During the design period, all the necessary complex of calculations and technical researches for realization of the project has been successfully performed.

In July 2016 the first stage of the relevant complex has been installed, and in Augustthe first launch of equipment of nominal capacity was carried out. In 2018 installation of the second stage of the complex was completed and was launched in parallel with the first one, thereby increasing volume ofair supplied to the mine.

BMAHVI is intended for venting and suppling the preheated air to consumers by means ofaxial fan, air duct and the requisite auxiliary units. Maximum air output volume Q = 85 m3/s. In the reverse mode, the performanceofventilation unit is 70% of performance in the normal operating mode.

BMAHVI is made in form of block-modular buildings providing quick mounting with each other, and it can be used both within the territory of mines and pits, gas and/or pulverized coal hazardous, and within the territory of common industrial enterprises in accordance with requirements of the norms and regulations in force in field of industrial safety, i.e. “Safety regulations in coal mines’, of this operating manual, manuals for the operation of the component equipment and compliance with PUE "Electrical Installations Code. Edition 7". BMAHVI may be operated in conditions of boreal climate, i.e. according to placement category | as per GOST 15150-89 and 15543.1-89.