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Sectional electric air heater
Numberof sections,pcs (times two)
Rated voltage of the section, KV
Rated output power, kW
Climatic option according to GOST 15150-69


FASG cabinet consists of a rigid metal case inside which all the equipment is placed. For safe maintenance and localization of accidents, the enclosure is divided into compartments by metal partitions and automatically closing shutters. HV switch with drive is mounted on draw-out element (trolley). In upper and lower parts of the trolley there are movable disconnecting contacts, which, when rolling trolley into the cabinet, are closed with bus (upper) and linear (lower) fixed contacts. When rolling out the trolley with a pre-disconnected switch, detachable contacts are disconnected, and the switch is disconnected from the collecting buses and cable inlets.

When the trolley is outside the cabinet, it provides an easy access to switch and its drive for repair; if the quick replacement is necessary, it may be replaced with the other similar switch installed on the same trolley.

The roll-out element of cabinet has three positions:

working position - trolley is in the cabinet, primary and secondary circuits are closed;

testing (control) position - trolley in the cabinet, but the primary and secondarycircuits are open;

repair position - trolley is outside the cabinet, primary and secondary circuits are open.

Parameter Value
1 Rated mains voltage, kV 6 10
2 Rated operation voltage, kV 7,2 12
3 Rated supply frequency, Hz 50
4 Rated current of main circuits, A 630-3150
5 Short time thermal current, kA 40
6 Short time electro-dynamic current, kA 102
7 Number of compartments, pcs. 2/3
8 Possible applications of cell referred to sheet
9 Individual schemes Yes
10 Maximum power of AT, k WA 40
11 Terms of service one-way/ two-way
12 Type connections cable / bus
13 Protection level of jacket according to GOST 14254 IP20
14 Climatic perfomance according to GOST 15150 УЗ
15 Ambient temperature, °C от 0 до +40
16 Relative air humidity at temperature +25 C, % not more than 80
17 Height above sea level, m до 1000
18 Cell weight (approximate), kg 600
19 Overalldimensions* (WxDxH),mm 750 x 1100 x 2180
750(950) x 1300 x 2330


The cubicle switchboard FASG2-10 is designed to receive and distribute power of three-phase AC of industrial frequency in networks with isolated or grounded through the arc suppression reactor neutral.

The cubicle switchboard ready-to-operate is made in metal case in which vacuum power switch, support-type current transformers TOL, OLS and/or ZNOL transformers, overvoltage limiters and the other equipment are installed.

The cells can be either stand-alone with the possibility of expansion, or integrated into the integral distribution points.