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Switchgear of unilateral maintenance
SGUM series (2 - chamber with compartment separation; 3 - without separations)
Year of modification application 18
Main circuits diagram (refer to sheet 74)
Rated current of main buses, A
Climatic performance according to GOST 15150-69


The body of single-end service assembled chamber is a prefabricated metal structure, the components of which are welded from bent metal profile. All elements of the enclosure are painted with powder paint. Equipment of the main and auxiliary circuits, as well as drives of devices are placed inside the chamber.

All devices that are subject to grounding inside the chamber are properly grounded with flexible wire. Drives of disconnectors have visible grounding. The ground terminal is available at the bottom of chamber to attach elements that are subject to temporary grounding. Also the frames of single-end service assembled chambers are attached by rigid connection directly to metal grounded structures.

The cable compartment is intended for location of cable connections, line disconnector, transformer to cover own needs, current transformers, surge arresters, Support insulators with capacitive dividers and core balance current transformers. Design of cable compartment of the chamber provides for possibility of end cutting and connecting up to 3 three-phase cables with cross section up to 240 mmz2.

The relay compartment consists of auxiliary circuits equipment installed on the inner side of upper door. The removable partition is installed between relay and HV compartments which prevents free access to HV compartment, and also protects the control, protection, alarm and metering devices from the arc short in HV compartment.

A duct located in middle part of a chamber serves for laying the main buses of operational circuits. The main bus terminals are placed in the box. Inter-panel connections of auxiliary circuits are also carried out through the duct.

A vacuum switch, load switch, voltage and / or current transformers and fuses can be placed in HV compartment (depending on the cell purpose). The area of HV compartment is illuminated by bright LED lamp.

Parameter Value
1 Rated operation voltage, kV 6 10
2 Rated supply frequency, Hz 7,2 12
3 Rated supply frequency, Hz 50
4 Rated current of main circuits, A 630-1250
5 Shorttime thermal current, kA 20
6 Short time electro-dynamic current, kA 51
7 Number of compartments, pcs. 1/2
8 Individual diagrams referred to sheet
9 Individual diagrams Individual diagrams
10 Maximum power of AT, kWA 63
11 Terms of service unilateral
12 Type of connections cable / bus
13 Protection level of jacket according to GOST 14254 IP20
14 Climatic option according to GOST 15150 УЗ
15 Ambient temperature, °C from 0 to 40
16 Relative air humidity at temperature +25 C, %, not more than 80
17 Height above sea level,m up to 1000
18 Cell weight (approximate), kg 600
19 Overall dimensions* (WxDxH),mm 750 (800) x 800 x 2180


The assembled chambers of unilateral maintenance of SGUM series are intended for reception and distribution of three-phase AC power with 50 Hz frequency, with 6, 10 kV voltage in networks with the isolated or grounded neutral.

SGUM is used as part of switchgear with voltage of 6, 10 kV at new construction, expansion, reconstruction and technical refurbishment of the following objects:

  • distribution and transformer substations belonging to urban electric networks;
  • distribution and transformer substations of civil-purpose objects;
  • distribution substations of light industry enterprises;
  • traction substations of urban electric transport and underground facilities;
  • secondary substations 35, 110/6, 10 kv and 6, 10/0.4 kv distribution networks.

SGUM assembled chamber scan be used as the high voltage device (HVD) for package transformer substations with capacity 100 to 2500 KVA.