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Susol automatic circuit breakers are distinguished by their excellent performance and compactness. They are designed for use in discrimination protection systems. The operating parameters and breaking capacity of the switches fully comply with requirements of IEC 60947-2.

A wide range of release device, including heat electromagnetic ones with unregulated setting; heat electromagnetic ones with an adjustable setting of thermal release device and unregulated setting ofmag netic tripping; heat electromagnetic ones with adjustable setting; as well as electronic ones, are the precondition of unsurpassed flexibility of application of these devices.

  • Low-voltage electrical equipment supplied includes:
  • Low-voltage circuit-breakers in molded cases Susol (MCCB) up to 1600 A, TD series and TS series;
  • air circuit breakers series Susol (ACB) up to 6300 A, series Meta-Mec, Susol;
  • modular circuit breakers series BKP, BKN, BKN-b, BKH;
  • various breakers and protective cutout devices series RKN, RKP;
  • ontactors and overload relays MT series;
  • electromagnetic contactors GMC up to 800A;
  • electric motor protection assemblies up to 100 A MMS series.