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Uninterruptible power supply system
Number of inputs, pcs(1, 2)
Rated input voltage, V (220, 380)
Number of outputs, pcs (up to 36)
Rated input voltage,V (12, 24, 48, 60, 110, 220)
Capacity of storage battery, A*h (12...500)
Additional options:(as agreed) - equipmentfor manual search of ground connection(0 - no; 1 - Yes); - feeder control of insulation reduction (0 - no; 1 - Yes); - ventilation of the board (0 - natural; 1 - forced); - automatic heating (0 - no; 1 - Yes); - c
Climatic options according to GOST 15150-69


12 automatic switches (feeders of outgoing lines) are usually installed in the cabinet. Automatic DC circuit breakers are highly reliable equipment of LS IS trademark. The use of this equipment made it possible to ensure the reliable operation of the UPSS board, and make its price more attractive in comparison with similar products of other manufacturers.

Direct current board of UPSS provides for the maintenance of stable constant output voltage for the system and automatic charge of storage batteries. During the power outage, UPSS board maintains a constant specified load during the set time. Protection against deep battery discharge is provided by the RC.

The front panel of the cabinet is equipped with LED indicators showing the status thereof and analogue measuring devices indicating the output voltage, as well as charging/discharging currents. The network settings are displayed on the controller display, or they can be viewed using the personal computer.

Communication is provided via RS-485 network with use of Modbus protocol.

Main UPSS functions:

  • redundancy between sections;
  • control of AB current charging;
  • control of charging/discharging AB current;
  • the voltage measurement on UPSS buses;
  • control voltage on the UPSS buses;
  • control of voltage ripple on UPSS buses;
  • light signaling of UPSS state;
  • protection against surge discharges;
  • tf remote signaling of state of UPSS equipment and position thereof;
  • control and measurement of collecting buses insulation resistance relative to ground;
  • integration into the APCS via the RS 485 interface.

Parameter Value
1 Number of inputs, pcs 1 or 2
2 Rated voltage of supply system, V 220 / З80
3 Rated supply frequency, Hz 50
4 Rated output DC voltage, pcs 12 / 24 / 48 / 60 / 110 / 220
5 Battery charger output current, A up to 300
6 Output current of PSAU module, A from 5 up to 100
7 Number of PSAU modules, pcs up to 12
8 Maximum power consumption of CD, W up to 11000
9 Number of outgoing lines, pcs. up to 36
10 Storage battery type lead-acid, maintenance-free
11 Capacity of storage battery, A*h up to 500
12 Service life of storage battery, years up to 25
13 Protection level of jacket according to GOST 14254 IP 54
14 Climatic performance according to GOST 15150 УХЛ4
15 Ambient temperature, °C from 0 to 40
16 Relative air humidity at temperature of + 25 °C,%, not more than 80
17 Height above sea level, m up to 1000
18 Environmental properties Non-explosive, without current-carrying dust
19 Overall dimensions* (W x D x H), mm
Distribution cabinet:
SB cabinet:
Distribution cabinet + SB:

600(800) х 600 х 2100
600(800, 1000) х 600 х 2100
600(800) х 600 х 2100


Board of uninterruptible power supply system (UPSS)is designed to provide uninterrupted DC power supply for responsible consumers in conditions of potential de-energizing the supply mains. UPSS is used as a part of power supply systems of automation devices, relay protection, communication facilities and other equipment that requires uninterrupted power supply. The board is intended for use in networks of one- or three-phase AC by voltage 220 and 380 V, accordingly, with 50 Hz frequency and neutral connected.