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Complete transformer substation of dead-end type 6 / 0.4 kV

The complete transformer substation of the dead-end type 6 / 0.4 kV of block-container design was created to supply with power degassing unit MDU-195RB of Alardinskaya mine. Commissioned in 2012. This substation is a reliable power supply for continuous technological process at the mine.

Substation structure

Complete transformer substation is a steel case made on the basis of a 20-foot high container with welded rails. Substation is divided into two compartments: a transformer compartment, and a compartment of switchgears of high and low voltage. To lay the power cable in the subastation, a false floor with a height of 500 mm is provided. The transformer compartment is equipped with oil receivers.

Cells in usage

The power part of the distribution and power supply system of high voltage consumers is provided by maintenance-free cells insulation manufactured by SIEMENS.

Main advantages of using SIEMENS cells:

  • Compactness: cell width - 500mm
  • Logical and mechanical interlocks
  • Economic benefit: maintenance-free lifetime (35 years)
  • Protection from harmful environmental conditions
  • Factory assembly and testing
  • Arbitrary combination of individual cells (blocks)
  • SF6-free installation
  • Access to switchgear drives outside the SF6 tank
  • Connection current - up to 630 A
  • Busbar current up - to 630 A
  • Maximum transformer power - up to 1000 kVA
The structure of high voltage switchgears includes: two input cells, two transformer cells, one section cells, four outgoing cells. The power supply of the control circuits of the cells is carried out from the operating current cabinets. Distribution on the low side is carried out from two transformers TMG-100, one of which is for reserve. The low-voltage switchgear provides automatic input reserve. The substation is equipped with: internal, external, emergency lighting, as well as air conditioning and heating, fire and burglar alarms. Enclosure of low voltage switchgear, control cabinet and auxiliary cabinet are made by Rittal. The electrical equipment included in the cabinets is represented by devices made by ABB,Schneider Electric, Rittal, Phoenix Contact.

Relay Protection

Reliability of uninterrupted power supply, as well as network status monitoring, selective power management, consumer protection from emergency conditions are provided by microprocessor-based relay protection and automation devices of the BZP-02 series, performing the following functions:

— Current protection of directional / non-directional action at the discretion of the user, undervoltage protection, automatic reclosure

— Automatic inclusion of a reserve at inputs with voltage control on an adjacent busbar section, taking into account interlocks from power transformer protections

— Logical busbar protection

— Circuit breaker backup device

— Remote control of switching devices - remote control via RS-485 channel using Modbus RTU protocol

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